Top 100 Profile: Anna Bruick

In the days leading up to the IUPUI Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner, we will be featuring our Kelley students who have been named a Top 100 for 2017.

What has been your favorite experience so far at Kelley?

My favorite experience at Kelley was studying abroad at the EM Strasbourg Business in Strasbourg, France during the summer of 2015. I had the opportunity to study at a prominent business school in Europe and work with students from all across the globe. We traveled on the weekends, and ventured to beaches, mountain tops, and historical cities that I never thought I would get to visit. Kelley gave me the opportunity to go on a study abroad experience of a lifetime, and I am forever grateful for having that opportunity. 

What has been your favorite class and why?

That's a hard one! All of my marketing classes have been amazing. I would say my favorite class was Bus-M 374, or the marketing portion in I-Core with Professor Donahue. This was the first marketing class I had while in Kelley, and it made me fall in love with my major even more! Professor Donahue is passionate and very knowledgeable in marketing, bringing her real life experiences to the classroom to help us understand the subject even more. Another one of my favorite classes was Bus-M432, Digital Marketing with Chad Pollitt. Digital marketing is extremely relevant in today's age, and this class was eye opening to the opportunities in this field. 

If you had to pick one professor that has impacted you the most while at Kelley, who would it be?

Another tough question - there have been so many professors that have positively impacted my experience at Kelley. Professor Donahue has been a huge role model for me, and is always there to talk through any questions I have about school or life in general. 

After I graduate, I hope to travel even more! This summer I will be participating in my third and final study abroad to Swaziland (Kelley students - check out this awesome program!). After that, I do not have any set plans. I am looking at applying to an MPA program with a focus in non-profit management. I may also look at full-time positions within the digital marketing field. There are many opportunities out there, and I'm excited to see where the wind takes me!

Anna Bruick, BS'17