Top 100 Profile: Lennart Kuester

In the days leading up to the IUPUI Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner, we will be featuring our Kelley students who have been named a Top 100 for 2017.

What has been your favorite experience so far at Kelley?

My favorite experience(s) at Kelley have been meetings I’ve had with my academic advisor Carly Grennes. It was always exciting for me to plan the next step in my business undergraduate career here at Kelley. Carly is a true professional at what she does. She has always given me the best advice on my academics and my business career. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and wish her all the best for the future.

What has been your favorite class and why?

My favorite class at Kelley has been BUS-Z404, Effective Business Negotiations, with Professor Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow. It was a highly interactive class setting that taught valuable information about business negotiation and increased my bargaining skills. Although my biggest interest is marketing, I believe that a strong understanding of sales is essential to become successful in that field, since you are more than likely to work together with sales in the future.

If you had to pick one professor that has impacted you the most while at Kelley, who would it be?

This is a very tough question. I have to say that I had many great professors at Kelley who helped me develop into who I am today. The one professor who has impacted me the most however, is Professor James Mayer.  He makes his lectures come to life with the large amount of great work experience he has. Professor Mayer sparked my interest in marketing and now it has become a great passion of mine. I never told him about that, so shootout to Professor Mayer! Keep up the great work! 

After graduation, I plan on following my passion for marketing in sports with Nike or joining the young sales team of Vestas in Berlin. Vestas is the world's biggest producer of wind turbines and constructor of wind parks. Joining the sales team in Berlin would give me a great chance to apply my knowledge and skills from the Kelley School in a multi-national company overseas. My second option is a career in sports business. As I finish up my last year as a student athlete, I’ve realized that it is very important to me to stay connected to sports in my future business career. Working at Nike offers the best opportunity for me to connect with people who have the same passion for sports, fitness, and marketing.

Lennart Kuester, BS'17

Favorite activity/extracurricular activity that you have been involved in while at Kelley?

My favorite activity that I have been involved in while at Kelley is being a student-athlete. Over the past five years, I’ve dedicated over twenty hours of my time to practice with the IUPUI men’s swimming team every week. I have earned 19 top 3 finishes at the Summit League Championships, and I am currently defending six school records. I have truly learned what it means to be part of a team and the impact that I have on those surrounding me. I have gone through blood, sweat, and tears with my team and they have become some of the important people in my life. I have made friends for life on this team. A special thank you to IUPUI Athletics and my coaches Matt Bos, Caitlin Hamilton and Drew Ellwanger. 

What is your Kelley moment?

My Kelley moment was and remains becoming a Top 100 student, for the second time. I came to the United States five years ago as an average high school student with only average English skills. It is incredible what impact IUPUI and the Kelley School of Business has left on me in my five years of college. The university has given me so many great opportunities to develop and grow. Now I am able to count myself as one of the Top 100 students at IUPUI for the second time.