Top 3 Reasons to Join DSP


As a member of the Kappa Sigma chapter, I can vouch that Delta Sigma Pi is an absolutely awesome professional organization to belong to. I have had many experiences in my time as a Deltasig that have paved the way for my professional career and have made me an overall better person. So, for those on the outside looking in, I am going to break down the top three reasons why Delta Sigma Pi is awesome!

1. Brotherhood

This one is a no-brainer. The comradery that comes with membership of Delta Sigma Pi is second to none. To be a part of a group of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal of bettering the community while growing as professionals is the greatest part of my college experience.

The relationships we build in DSP last a lifetime. I would not have met some of my best friends had it not been for DSP. College can be a tough time for some people when it comes to making friends. I was one who came from a different town and did not know a single person when coming to IUPUI. Once I joined DSP, I knew someone in every class. We go through the trials and tribulations of the college experience together and together we persevere.

2. Giving Back

Another reason why DSP is awesome is the fact that we strive to give back to the community. Doing community service as a group makes volunteer experiences even better because you know the people next to you as you are volunteering.

My favorite community service project we did was when we volunteered at Gleaners Food Bank in downtown Indy. Some people might cringe at the idea of spending their Saturday afternoon sorting donated items, but not us! We were all working together toward a common goal of helping our community. Time flew by as we constantly joked and engaged in random conversations that would only strengthen our brotherhood.

We do not consider it a chore to help the community; rather, we deem it as a necessity and a good time. It is our commitment to help out where we can, which is why we have so many different events planned each semester.

3. Professional Development

DSP gives its members the opportunity to lead with many different roles to choose from. Each one has its own responsibilities that must be accomplished if you are to be a successful chapter. It is from these responsibilities that we grow as professionals. We can then call on these accomplishments (or failures) later on in our professional careers to see what worked and what didn’t.

It also gives members the opportunity to work in a team. Team dynamics are extremely important in the business world and the more experience a person can gain, the better off they are.

Well, if you didn’t know why Delta Sigma Pi was awesome before, you do now. The brotherhood that members share is something that should be cherished. Friendships are made for life in DSP. We give back to the community because the community has given so much to us and we grow as professionals together through various activities, community service events or otherwise. Delta Sigma Pi is awesome because of these reasons but the personal benefits I receive could be listed forever.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of DSP, visit us in the Orange Space during the first two weeks of the semester between 10 and 6. Attend one of our informational luncheons (with free pizza) in the interactive space of BS 2010 on 1/14 at 1:30PM or 1/20 at 12PM. The mandatory recruiting event is on Friday, January 22 at 5PM on the fourth floor of the Campus Center. This event is a great way to meet all of the brothers and there will be a short interview, so be sure to dress professionally and bring a resume!

Be sure to check out the Delta Sigma Pi – Kappa Sigma Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for constant updates on the work we do.

Facebook: DSPIUPUI
Twitter: @DSP_IUPUI
Instagram: @dsp_kappasigma