The ROI Podcast: Top 5 Episodes with Women in the C-Suite

From small businesses to corporations, central Indiana’s women business leaders share insights on becoming a leader, increasing employee productivity, and breaking through the glass ceiling.

Hear from successful business women in C-suites on these episodes of The ROI Podcast.

How you can increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Mary Beth Oakes, CEO of Business Furniture in Indianapolis, is changing the way companies think about their workspaces. Through research, Mary Beth and her team have found ways to organize a company’s workspace to increase employee satisfaction by 60 percent.


How one company turned mentoring into a business

Research has shown those who have mentors throughout their lives ultimately are more successful. Pulling from experiences in her own life, Alison Martin-Books created a business that matches mentors and mentees in a strategic way.


This CEO reveals what it takes to lead

Leadership is a vague term that can be applied in many settings. Sarah Hempstead, CEO of Schmidt Associates, an architect firm located in Indianapolis, shares three pieces of advice that have propelled her career into an executive role.


How women can break through the glass ceiling

There are more women being hired today for entry-level positions following college graduation; however, this trend isn't translating for more experienced women transitioning into executive positions. We talk with Nicole Mitchell at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana about how can women break the glass ceiling in corporate America.


How this CEO grew her business in a volatile economy

There are certain principles that, once applied, can cause massive growth within a business. Barb Cutillo, co-founder of Stonegate Mortgage, shares the principles that grew her business exponentially during one of the most volatile times in the United States.