“In October, Lorna [Griffin, assistant director of HR at Kelley] is going to give us a demonstration on making mini oven mitts,” explains Barbara. “We have people interested in embroidery, knitting, sewing, quilting and needlepoint, so we thought we would draw upon our membership to offer lessons on something new.”

Twisted Stitchers is open to any interested staff or faculty at Kelley or SPEA. They meet every Thursday from 11:30 – 12:30 pm.

Barbara Fisher holds up a plarn mat during a meeting of the Twisted Stitchers.
Tammy Martin knits a mat with "plarn," yarn made out of plastic bags.
Plarn balls are made out of strips of recycled plastic shopping bags, tied end to end.
Twisted Stitchers are completing a community service project knitting plastic mats for people in the city living with homelessness.
Mats that will be donated as part of the community service project.
Meeting of the Twisted Stitchers (from left to right): Tammy Martin, Lorna Griffin, Sherri Hendricks and Barbara Fisher.