Venture Club Of Indianapolis: Dannar Mobile PowerStation


This month I had the pleasure of listening to an exciting presentation from Gary Dannar, the CEO and founder of DD Dannar LLC. His company plans to enter the industry of maintenance of public structures like roads and natural resources.

He described their Mobile PowerStation (MPS), which is a machine that looks much like a mini-tractor. Several multi-tool attachments can be mounted to the MPS. The multi-tool attachments make the MPS one machine that can be adapted to several different applications. The kicker for me is that it's also a mobile power station that acts like a hybrid, off-grid generator. Several of these puppies can be linked up to power a small grid. The best part is they are designing it so that it can drive at highway speeds, so there is limited need for flatbed transport.

With the recent craziness in the weather, I can see how this can be SUPER useful. Imagine after Hurricane Sandy, these roll in, clear the roads of debris, demolish a few obstacles and, at night, power up a few homes so folks can have a hot meal and some electricity. And to think that we get at least a dozen of these weather crises every YEAR.

My church does a lot of weather-related help and I could see them either purchasing or partnering up with a few non-profits to purchase one.

Okay ... I'm jumping way ahead of myself. Right now, Dannar has two prototypes and plans to test and validate in summer. So lets see if the thing actually WORKS first.

My fellow MBAs are skeptical because the big boys like CAT and John Deere may decide to enter this space. I don't think so. It's a small niche market. CAT is doing well in the construction business and makes machines that do only ONE thing. This machine is for smaller operators like National Parks and City Works people who would prefer one machine that does everything rather than buying several different individual machines. Dannar also plans to market to defense organizations like the National Guard, who respond to emergencies.

Check them out at and tell me what you think!