The Kelley Skann Extra

#KelleyHoops Challenge: We need your help!

We invite all of you to participate in the #KelleyHoops Challenge that was released a couple weeks ago. Don’t be intimidated by the quality of videos that our office pushed out. We just wanted to get people’s attention and stir up excitement about the campaign! Please, please, please post your videos using #KelleyHoops to any social media platform. These can be simple cell phone videos, nothing extravagant! And if you haven’t been nominated, no worries! Take the challenge and nominate people yourself! The campaign will conclude on April 21 so we will really need to kick it into high gear. Please encourage your students, alumni and fellow coworkers to participate!

If you have any questions, please contact Katelyn Storms Rizer at

Traffic Alert for Saturday

500 Festival 10-Miler run/walk

Date: April 8, 2017
Time: 8 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Place: Starts and finishes on Pennsylvania Street in front of Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

These smaller run/walks are precursors for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon that will take place in May.

The campus street that will be affected during this event is New York Street—both eastbound lanes (2 southbound lanes) from White River Pkwy to Meridian Street.

When coming to campus during this time frame, it would be suggested that you come in from the north, or use the West Street/exit 114 from the interstate.

Click here for the course map.

Wellness Room now available in the BS Building

Business, SPEA and Education have collaborated to finish off the room (BS1011) in Entry 2, first floor, between the men’s and women’s restroom. This is the new wellness room. The room can be used for things such as a prayer room, lactation room, etc. The room is locked at all times so you will need to schedule your time through Outlook as instructed below and then, prior to the time, pick up a key from the designated individual. The key for Business is available in BS4090. The key will need to be returned each time after you are finished using the room.

There will be a vacant/occupied sign above the lock on the outside of the door. Please make sure you shift the sign to the appropriate side and lock the door when you come and go. The maximum appointment time that can be scheduled is 90 minutes and you will be able to schedule in advance for 180 days. Please cancel any reservation that you make that you end up not needing.

Add the calendar.

To get the calendar added to your calendars (to view availability) please follow the instructions below: (This is a one-time action.)

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to Calendar.
  3. Click the Open Calendar button at the top of the screen (under the Home tab, in the Manage Calendars section).
  4. Click From Room List.
  5. In the search box, type BS1011 Wellness Room.
  6. Double-click on BS1011 Wellness Room (or click it once and then click the Rooms -> button at the bottom).
  7. Click OK.

Once the calendar has been added to Outlook, it will show up in your shared calendar list. It will remain in your calendar list until it is removed.

Schedule the room.

  1. Open your personal Exchange calendar in Outlook.
  2. Create a New Meeting.
  3. Enter a Subject. This isn’t required and will only show up on your calendar.
  4. For Location, you should click the Rooms... button, search for the BS1011 Wellness Room, select it and click the Rooms -> button (or double-click it), and click OK. When you do this, the ‘to’ line should populate with BS1011WellnessRoom. If it doesn’t prepopulate make sure this is in the ‘to’ line. You can copy the information from the location line if need be.
  5. Enter a Start Date/Time and End Date/Time for the room reservation.
  6. Enter a Description (if desired).
  7. Click Send.

If you accidentally click New Appointment instead of New Meeting, you can click the Invite Attendees button and it will switch to a New Meeting request. If you decide to cancel the reservation, you can do that by just cancelling the meeting on your calendar.

The room calendar will automatically approve requests if it is available. If there is a conflicting appointment scheduled, the request will be automatically declined by the room calendar.

Cancel a reservation.

  1. Go into your calendar and click on the appointment.
  2. Click on cancel meeting.
  3. Click on send cancellation.

This should remove the meeting from both calendars. Please make sure if you are not going to use your appointment to cancel it so others can use the room if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Martin at