The Kelley Skann Extra: August 16, 2017

It’s been a cool, cool summer...

Kelley faculty and staff in Indianapolis have been BUSY with trips, workshops, conferences, teaching, conducting research, relaxation (for some!) and MORE this summer.

Click through the photo slideshow below to see what just a few of your colleagues have been up to.

This is just the start of our "What I Did This Summer" essay -- Let us know if you have something to add, or if we missed you!

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SLIDESHOW ---  “I went to Guatemala with my daughter on a service trip to work with the Mayan people in the Lake Atitlan region. It was amazing, fulfilling, and I was so humbled by the work, the people, and the interactions.” --- Susannah Gawor, Director, Business of Medicine Physician MBA.
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“My family just returned from a wonderful vacation out west that included Disneyland, Hoover Dam, hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (staying at Phantom Ranch and having their yummy steak dinner!) in the crazy hot weather (it was 112 degrees down there), Monument Valley, Four Corners, Mesa Verda National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Royal Gorge Bridge, Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods. We were gone 18 days and took tons of pictures." --- Melissa Nemeth, senior lecturer in operations and decision technology.
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"The hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon was likely the most memorable -- I barely made it!! 7.8 miles down and 9.8 miles back up. Took me seven hours down and 12 hours up (way more than the averages I read about of 3-4 hours down and 6-10 hours up!)." -- Melissa Nemeth, senior lecturer in operations and decision technology.
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PHOTO: Melissa Nemeth and her family while on summer vacation.
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Melissa Nemeth and family while on vacation over the summer.
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“During the summer I break (I taught summer II classes), Diane and I made multiple visits to the Notre Dame campus: (1) for my 50th class reunion with long-time friends; (2) to renew our vows on our 50th wedding anniversary at the log chapel with our extended family; and (3) to reflect, relax and smell the flowers together.” Ken Wendeln, clinical associate professor of management.
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“I took D255 to study abroad in China (Pictured above with professor Darrell Brown). [Note - Here's one student's reflection on the study abroad trip!]. I participated in Mandela Washington fellows program. I attended the American Accounting Association annual meeting in August.” -- Lin Zheng, Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting.
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"My husband and I saw Hamilton in Chicago. It was amazing!" --  Carly Grennes, Associate Director of Academic Advising.
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"I went to Destin, Florida for a week with my daughter and husband. I also went to the New Kids/Boyz II Men/Paula Abdul concert, and I painted my spare room. Went to Wrigley for a Cubs game. Went to China (Pictured above). I’m currently taking a 10-week ASL class through the Indiana School of the Deaf." -- LouAnna Eichrodt, Academic Advisor.
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Louanna Eichrodt pictured with family during recent trip to Destin, Florida.
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“I am still pretty new to Indiana, so earlier this summer some friends and I went to Turkey Run State Park. It was gorgeous!” -- Katie Kester, Senior Administrative Secretary.
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PHOTO: Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow, clinical assistant professor of management and business law, speaks at the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Bryn Mawr Summer Leadership Institute in July.
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Todd Roberson, senior lecturer of finance, volunteered for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. He also learned to windsurf while there!
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PHOTO: Kim Saxton, clinical associate professor of marketing, taught a Startup Study Hall through The Startup Ladies on August 2 at Kelley.
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Rob Neal, professor of finance, presented a paper entitled "Option Investor Rationality Revisited: The Role of Exercise Boundary Violations," at the Financial Management Association Conference in Lisbon in July. Over 600 papers were submitted to the conference and about 200 were accepted for the program. Of all those, Neal's paper (written with colleagues from Notre Dame and NYU) was chosen to receive the Best Paper Award! Congratulations, Rob!
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Shane Simmons, assistant director of communications and media relations, with his wife during a summer trip to California.

And the fun doesn't stop there!

Here's what else you were up to this summer:

"We took our annual family trip to Holiday World Splash & Safari! Also, I attended the EMBAC Regional Conference at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland!" --Rachel E. Edwards, Assistant Director, Business of Medicine Physician MBA.

“Vacationed in Glacier National Park for 10 days. Overnighted at three of the historic lodges e.g, Glacier Park Lodge, Prince of Wales in Waterton, Canada, and Lake McDonald Lodge. Rented a new 31' "Minnie Winnie" in Spokane. Only 26 glaciers remain. All will be gone by 2030. Enjoyed the scenic Rockies in a white water raft and with a trout on the end of a fly rod.” -- Bob Grimm, clinical associate professor of management.

“The doctor yanked out the knee I have had for multiple decades and put in a metal one. Now I’m bionic :)." Kim Donahue, senior lecturer in marketing.

“I was fortunate to have a mini family reunion (11 of us) in Orlando and Daytona.” -- Larry Smith, Managing Director, Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence.

“Our annual 'big trip' was a two-week cruise on the Baltic. We flew to Stockholm a couple of days early to roam around a bit before the cruise. We then went to Helsinki, St. Petersburg (overnight stay), Tallinn, Gdansk, Berlin, Copenhagen, then three stops in Norway (Stavanger, Eidfjord, and Bergen). 

Tallinn, Estonia, has most of its medieval old town intact. Did you know that Estonia is known from very good chocolate? I brought some back for the faculty secretaries. You can ask their opinion.

There’s a small town in central Norway called Voss. We stopped at Fleischer’s Hotel (family owned and operated for six generations) for lunch. Across the street from the hotel, in a small park, is a statue of Knute Rockne holding an American football. The connection? He was born in a village just outside of this town. He’s likely the most famous person who came from that area.” -- Mark Ippolito, senior lecturer in operations management.

“I am working in the Phillipines and El Salvadore (Management Consulting) for MetLife this summer. This keeps me current on leading-edge approaches in a global economy that I can leverage in the classroom.” -- David Steele, visiting lecturer.

"I attended the College Source User Conference in San Diego in June. I became certified in TES, which is Transfer Evaluation System. It's used by 6,000 colleges across the US and internationally. It is a centralized system for students and staff to determine course equivalencies to make a smoother transfer process for students." -- Laura Watson, Undergraduate Admissions Specialist.

"Completed five research papers that had been 'in progress' and submitted all five to various peer-reviewed journals in order to help KSBI meet AACSB qualifications in the next cycle. Will attempt to learn Zoom before courses begin.

I also helped my daughter, Colleen, and her husband, Matt, move from their house in Hendricks County to a house in Marion County in order to meet the 'touching county' requirement for the Hamilton County Carmel Fire Department. Matt is a firefighter and EMT with the City of Carmel. Colleen and Matt are both KSB graduates.

I also play doubles tennis two mornings a week for two hours with other old men. I play golf two mornings a week, again in a senior league with other old men, several of which are 80+ years old. I have to mow my lawn several times a week in order to keep up with my neighbors who are basically retired and have nothing else to do." -- Glen A. Larsen, Professor of Finance.

Kelley faculty and staff also participated in the Summer Celebration downtown. Here are a few photos from the event.

Many Business of Medicine Physician MBA students and Kelley faculty and staff headed to Washington, DC, as part of an immersive healthcare policy course taught by Julie Manning Magid.

Please let us know what you did this summer! Email, and we will include you in the next newsletter.

Have a wonderful fall semester.