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Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips

  1. Whenever possible, lock your bike to a bike rack and avoid locking it to items that can be easily cut, broken, or removed.
  2. Use a steel "U" shaped lock, and remember--two locks are better than one. Lightweight cables or chain locks no longer provide adequate security in most areas.
  3. Leave as little space as possible within the "U" of the lock to make it harder for thieves to pry it open.
  4. Keep the lock off the ground to avoid giving it the leverage to smash it.
  5. Position the lock keyhole so it faces the ground. This will inhibit a thief's ability to manipulate the lock.
  6. Remove the front wheel and lock both the wheel and frame together with the "U" if it's a quick release wheel.
  7. Take your bike seat with you if it's easily removable and/or expensive.
  8. You can and should register your bicycle with Parking Services, located at the Vermont Street Garage (1004 W. Vermont Street-1st floor-west end-317-274-4232). Record the make, model, and serial number of your bicycle and take digital photos to assist police in locating and identifying your bicycle in case it's stolen.
  9. Please contact IU Police at 317-274-7911, 24 hours a day if you need to file a report of your stolen bicycle.