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No matter how cute they are, don’t feed the geese

Geese have discovered numerous areas on campus where they like to build nests. Often times they have eggs or goslings and become extremely protective of the area around the nests. When humans get close to these nests they are often times attacked, which has led to injuries to IUPUI employees.

The Campus Facility Services (CFS) Grounds Department personnel are trying to keep geese from building nests around buildings and they need your help. Some people want to feed the geese, but this is a bad practice for many reasons. DO NOT FEED THE GEESE! If you see others feeding them, please inform them that they should not feed them. It is IUPUI’s practice not to feed any wild birds or animals on campus.

The department is also using other forms of geese deterrents such as artificial geese, orange plastic snow fence or “blow up” coyotes that will be perched on overhead building entries or in known nesting areas to discourage nesting. Please do not disturb these deterrents.

The CFS Grounds Department has a federal permit to remove and/or destroy eggs and nests. If you encounter problems with geese, please contact the CFS Trouble Line at 278-1900.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources provides this advice:

“End the hand-feeding of geese. Property visitors feed bread crumbs and other human food to the geese. The Canada goose’s natural diet includes seeds, plants and insects, and human food is not a healthy substitute. Hand feeding encourages the geese to stay in one place and it also causes them to grow accustomed to human interaction. Not only is this dangerous to the geese, but it could result in more aggressive and harmful behavior by the geese towards humans.”