Kelley accounting professor appointed as faculty fellow

INDIANAPOLIS --- Lin Zheng, clinical associate professor of accounting for the IU Kelley School of Business Indianapolis, has been appointed to a faculty fellow position through the IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs.

Zheng was one of four IUPUI faculty members to receive a fellow position, and she will hold a joint appointment with the Office of International Affairs and the Kelley School.

In this position, Zheng says she will focus on one of IUPUI’s strategic initiatives: strengthening internationalization efforts.

To do that, Zheng has three main goals: The first is to create more local global learning opportunities for all IUPUI students.

“Many of our students stay in Indiana, so they may think that they don’t need to have these global learning experiences because they’re not venturing out of the country. But in reality, Indiana has seen a lot of globalization, and there are many local companies that have overseas operations and do business with companies in other countries. Students still need to have this awareness and these skills. This is very important for our graduates,” explained Zheng.

Kelley will be the first school to showcase its efforts over time in global learning.

Lin Zheng, clinical associate professor of accounting