Second class of Physician MBA graduates providing a voice for patients


INDIANAPOLIS – The intersection of business and medicine has never been closer—and graduates of the Kelley Business of Medicine MBA Program now have the tools to navigate this changing healthcare landscape.

Thirty-two physicians from across the United States are among the second graduating class of the physician-only MBA program at the IU Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. Their reasons for pursuing an MBA are as varied as the physicians themselves, but all the new graduates agree that the program has expanded their horizons and renewed their passions for medicine.

The newest class of Kelley MBAs say they’ve been able to put their leadership skills into action. At least a third of the class has already received promotions within their current health systems or accepted executive-level offers within the industry. Others have made significant process-improvement changes in emergency departments and wait rooms, for example, which have translated to better patient care.

Business of Medicine MBA '16 graduates Dr. DeAnna Michelle Fenoughty, Dr. Pil Sun Kang and Dr. Cameual Wright.

Truly, the Kelley Business of Medicine MBA has been life-changing—not only for these graduates but for the thousands of people they will treat throughout their lifetimes.