An executive’s advice for finding the perfect career

Raise your hand if you hate or don't enjoy your job. Unfortunately, if you don't enjoy your work, you're not alone. Often times we can get ourselves into a rut because we are not fulfilled with what we're doing. If you're wanting to become successful, how do you do so if you're not happy? In this episode of The ROI Podcast, Pete Anderson, Executive Vice President of Investments for Becknell Industrial, breaks down the steps you should take to find your passion.

Show Notes: 0:07 Introduction to The ROI Podcast Presented By the Kelley School of Business on the IUPUI Campus. 0:38 How many people don't like their job? 1:05 This episode will explain how important passion is to your job performance. 1:20 Pete Anderson is the guest on this week's show. 1:53 If you can't wait to get up and come into work, you're probably ready for a change. 2:36 When Pete was practicing law, he didn't enjoy his job like he does today. 3:12 Shane found an article on the Huffington Post that suggested job-related dissatisfaction is harmful to your health. 4:08 Pete had a point in his career when he realized he needed some leadership training. That's when he found The Tobias Leadership Center. 4:48 The Hoosier Fellows Program exposed its members to a wide-range of leadership perspectives. 6:09 Loyalty doesn't exist from a company's perspective anymore, so it shouldn't be expected from the company for its employees to work for them for the remainder of their lives. 7:07 You may not know what you're meant to do until you try different jobs. 8:24 To learn more about the Tobias Leadership Center and the Hoosier Fellows Program, visit

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