The ROI Podcast celebrates some of Kelley's incredible faculty

Each year, our incredible faculty work hard to help future organizational leaders make better business decisions. Through class preparations, after-hour meetups, and research, our hard-working faculty have one goal in mind: your success. This playlist is a celebration of just a few of our amazing faculty.

How to deal with a bully in the workplace

Were bullies just a high school phase? Not according to the latest research. In Episode 2, the main topic is how to deal with a bully in the workplace. Kelley School of Business professor Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow discusses the best way to handle a bully at work. She provides tips you can apply right away to minimize the stress a bully may cause you.

How to rethink your business model to keep your organization afloat

Organizations all around the globe are changing their business models in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strain of this unexpected economic slowdown on all organizations, especially small businesses, proves to be very difficult. So how can these companies weather the storm and keep their organization afloat? On this episode, we're sitting down with Kelley Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Todd Saxton, alongside Kelley Professor of Marketing Kim Saxton, who regularly work with the entrepreneurship, startup and small business community, to get their recommendations for what small businesses can do, right now.

Part One: The skills you need to be an influential leader

There are many characteristics that describe a great leader - integrity, sound character, good communicator, the list goes on. But there is one trait that often stands above the rest - influential. One cannot become a great leader if one does not know how to influence others to follow. On this two-part series, we're unpacking how to become an influential leader with Kelley School Senior Lecturers in Business Communication and Professional Skills Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes, who specialize in executive coaching and organizational communication. We discuss the three qualities of influential leadership and explore the role trust plays in the equation.

How to find an emotionally rewarding career

It seems so easy to get discouraged trying to find that "dream job" - especially when we expect that job instantly. In Silicon Valley, for example, the average turnover is 12 months. So how do we find a career that is not simply financially rewarding, but emotionally rewarding as well? On this episode, we're sitting down with Associate Dean and Co-host Phil Powell who shares his story on finding the job of your dreams.

How to overcome the "imposter syndrome"

Ever receive a well-deserved compliment from someone, yet feel like you do not deserve it? Or you have a history of success but you still have an intense fear that you'll be exposed as a fraud? Many of these self-asking questions are more common than you may think. Called the "imposter syndrome," many high-achieving individuals fight this idea of feeling like a fake, even though their track record says otherwise. So how do we overcome this? On this episode, we're sitting down with Clinical Professor of Management and ALDI Inc. Distinguished I-Core Clinical Professor Carolyn Goerner, who offers practical ways to become a more confident leader.