This CEO reveals what it takes to lead

Leadership is a vague term that can be applied in many settings. Sarah Hempstead, CEO of Schmidt Associates, an architect firm located in Indianapolis, shares three pieces of advice that have propelled her career into an executive role.

Show Notes: 0:10 Introduction to The ROI Podcast Presented By the Kelley School of Business on the IUPUI Campus. 0:27 Professor of Business Law, and Director of The Tobias Leadership Center, Julie Manning Magid joins Shane in the booth for this series on leadership. 1:05 Randall Tobias held multiple leadership positions throughout many sectors, including education, business, government, and not-for-profit. 1:21 He created the Tobias Leadership Center. 1:39 One of the programs offered at the Tobias Leadership Center is the Hoosier Fellows Program. 2:17 You'll be introduced to Sarah Hempstead, CEO of Schmidt Associates. 2:28 Balance is bad advice. 3:23 Write your goals down. 4:23 Mentorship is critically important. 4:45 Form a "no" committee. They are authorized to tell you when something is not a good idea. 6:18 Have a routine and know when to shut work off, this helps prevent burnout. 7:23 The Hoosier Fellows Program is very inward focused, which teaches its participants a lot about themselves and their leadership style.

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