How this Kelley School professor is disrupting the classroom

Kelley School of Business Professor Dave Steele immersed his students within the entrepreneurial community during his class. Rather than teaching theory from the classroom, he lectured in a downtown Indianapolis coworking facility, where entrepreneurs got involved with classroom discussion.

Show Notes: 0:15 Introduction of Ep. 12 of The ROI Podcast Presented By The Kelley School of Business. 0:47 This is the final episode of the disruptive innovation series. 1:33 An introduction to Dave Steele, a Kelley faculty member who's had a successful career as a business executive and entrepreneur. 1:55 In the spring semester of 2017, Professor Steele taught his entrepreneurship class at a local coworking space in Indianapolis. 2:20 Steele talks about teaching from a practitioner's standpoint, and balancing that with important theory. 3:17 Students today want to know how to be successful and have work-life balance. 4:28 Steele contacted The Bureau. 5:29 Entrepreneurs in the coworking facility began helping students during Steele's lecture. 5:40 Introduction to Drew Kincius, manager of The Bureau. 6:40 Students began giving feedback to the entrepreneurs working in the space. 8:11 Steele says students have to develop a network and capitalize their business.

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Undergraduate students are receiving a unique mentoring opportunity through an entrepreneurship class held at Indianapolis co-working space, The Bureau