Why this company embraces failure, and how it drives revenue

Failure is a good thing, as long as you fail taking a risk while attempting to help the company. That's the motto at One Click Ventures in Greenwood, IN, just south of Indianapolis. The company culture is laidback, but very metric and goal driven. Randy Stocklin, the Co-Founder and CEO of One Click, sat down with The ROI Podcast team to discuss how embracing failure has helped grow the company exponentially.

Show Notes: 0:06 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell welcome listeners to The ROI Podcast. 0:45 This episode will talk about embracing failure in the workplace, and how one Greenwood, IN company has seen massive growth practicing this principle. 1:25 When you think of companies with a great culture, many people think of companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Nike. 2:02 There’s a correlation between a company’s culture and their growth. 2:25 Randy Stocklin and his wife started One Click out of their home office. 3:00 Their first venture began as a Christmas letter from Santa company. 4:00 Randy and his wife grew their second venture, Sunglass Warehouse, 4X two years in a row. 4:30 Randy says they learned that people make or break a business. 6:38 While One Click Ventures is a very relaxed culture, they are also data-driven. 7:45 One Click gives an award for failure each month titled “The Lame Duck Award.” 9:40 There is a difference between failure and messing up. 11:04 There’s so much ownership at One Click because of that underlying culture they’ve created.

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