Entrepreneurs who do this increase their chances of success

Why do some startups fail and others succeed? Is it that some entrepreneurs lack a disruptive idea? Is it passion? Persistence? In Episode 3 of The ROI Podcast, Kelley School professor Kim Saxton discusses the key to a startup's success, based on her recent research.

Show Notes: 0:07 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell welcome listeners to The ROI Podcast. 0:23 Shark Tank's influence on entrepreneurship. 0:57 Why don't more people become entrepreneurs? 1:08 Introduction to professor Kim Saxton. 1:29 Answering why some startups succeed and others fail. 2:35 The misconception of money. 2:48 The value of getting help. 3:12 Looking at passion for an entrepreneur. 3:49 The million-dollar idea. 4:35 The research findings. 5:15 If you ask for money you get advice (Pitbull song) 5:40 What we've learned about launching a business. 6:20 Shane and Phil wrap up the episode. 6:59 Where to find The ROI Podcast. 7:18 Preview of the next episode: Changes in China and what it could mean for your investments.

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