How labor shortages are strangling U.S. companies

Indiana, and other states in the U.S., have an interesting dilemma: Jobs are opening up faster than workers can fill. According to a recent survey conducted by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, nearly 50 percent of employers said they have had to leave jobs open because of the lack qualified employees. So how does this impact our state, and what does this mean for the future of jobs? Kevin Brinegar, President, and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce explains what it all means for our future.

Show Notes: 0:10 Shane Simmons and Luke Cooley open the twenty-fourth episode of The ROI Podcast presented by the Kelley School of Business on the IUPUI Campus. 1:18 Indiana and other U.S. companies are struggling with a labor shortage. 1:44 Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar says companies need to start building and expanding their talent pipelines now. 3:03 Tennessee has dedicated dollars from the lottery that they use for workforce training to prevent such talent shortages from intensifying. 3:58 The labor shortage issue is more serious in Indiana because it's such a manufacturing state. 4:44 We are beginning to see more machines and more automation which could totally replace all middle and lower-skilled jobs. 6:55 Workers must continually invest in themselves and improve so they can't be replaced by a machine. 7:49 Kevin says if you are not planning and preparing for the continued labor shortage you could be leaving customer and business opportunities on the table. 9:20 Shane and Luke close this episode of The ROI Podcast.

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