How to motivate and inspire in business

It's not like the old days -- business has changed. Employees don't stay at their jobs as long as they used to, and managers are finding it harder to motivate and retain their employees. Brian Parsley, a world-renowned speaker, and business consultant shares some tips with our listeners on how they can continue to motivate and engage their employees. You'll be feeling motivated and ready to conquer your goals after listening to this episode.

Show Notes: 0:00 Shane Simmons introduces episode 25 of The ROI Podcast. 1:13 Brian Parsley will be on the podcast. Brian is a motivational business consultant who works directly with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies 1:45 CEOs are tired of hearing about the differences among the different generations. 2:06 How do you get people to be engaged with the company and help the honeymoon stage last longer? 3:15 A study conducted by Brian found that employees at a fast growing company weren't as interested in money as they were feeling involved and being appreciated at work. 3:44 Money is a temporary motivator. 4:43 We live in an age of now. 5:00 Leadership is the power of influencing people. People don't care about titles anymore. 5:50 To motivate others, and yourself, you have to go all in. You can't accept failure. 6:24 Success doesn't make you happy, but being happy makes you successful. 7:43 You achieve your goals by taking action. 8:38 Shane and Phil conclude the show.

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