How to lead a team and get results

In Episode 1, Shane Simmons and Phil Powell introduce the world to The ROI Podcast. This podcast was built to share business insights with the world from one of the top business schools in the United States. This episode's main topic: How to lead a team and get results. Kelley Professor of Management Christopher Porter discusses the fascinating results of his research.

Show Notes: 0:27 brief overview of The ROI Podcast. 1:10 A list of great teams like the '96-'97 Chicago Bulls, '72 Miami Dolphins and the Apollo 11 Team. 1:25 What great teams have in common. 1:40 General definition of team leader. 2:08 Two types of team leaders. 2:35 Definition of an outcomes-based leader. 2:54 Definition of a learning-based leader. 4:10 The study's focus. 4:36 Performance-goal team with learning-based leader results. 5:20 The importance of risk taking. 5:37 How to be the best leader you can be. 6:15 Why it's a mistake to assume teams look at achievements the same way. 7:05 Stream or download The ROI Podcast on iTunes, Podbean or 7:19 Our next episode.

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