Here’s how one tech company overcame talent shortages and grew 300 percent

The tech industry is growing like crazy! But there's a problem: talent to fill the growing positions that are being born. Eighty-three percent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) struggle to find talent, according to a recent Gartner survey. That's not a problem for EduSource, an Indianapolis tech company that grew 300% in 2016. Jason Beutler, President of EduSource, has created a pool of young talent that he can hire as an apprentice for a two year time period, train and then hire full-time once they graduate college. Listen to how he did it, and what you can learn from EduSource.

Show Notes: 0:07 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell welcome listeners to The ROI Podcast. 0:38 Shane thanks all of the listeners and subscribers of The ROI Podcast. 1:08 Shane and Phil discuss the massive growth happening within the tech industry. 1:35 Indianapolis is becoming a tech hub. 1:52 There are talent shortages due to the expansive growth in tech. 2:56 Welcome to EduSource. 4:00 Jason Beutler gives the backstory on EduSource. 4:40 Jason discusses his opinion on why companies outsource overseas. 5:20 Jason had an “aha” moment while doing some code review for code he had received from overseas. 6:35 The EduSource structure. 08:02 EduSource hires 12-15 students every year. 10:08 Jason shares some management for the listeners.

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