Series: How to be a world-class coach

What is the difference between being a boss and being a coach? One thing - our mindset. How we approach leading others, how we make decisions, and how we set the example all work to build a winning team. On this four-part series, we are sitting down with Kelley School of Business Executive Coaches Ray Luther and Eric Johnson who take us on a deep dive into the world of coaching so we can become better business leaders.

Part One: The Coach

This first episode deals with "the coach." What values do successful coaches embrace and what mindset do they embody?

Part Two: The Coachee

We explore the second pillar in the coaching world, "the coachee" or the individual you work with to mentor and build up. What defines a "coachee"? How does our work as a coach meet a "coachee's" needs? How do accept that someone just does not want to be coached?

Part Three: The Coaching Relationship

This week in part three we take a dive into the coaching relationship. We explore the question of how can I, the coach, work to really build the quality of this relationship? And how do I know if the relationship is working or not working?

Part Four: The Coaching Process

As we wrap up this final part of the coaching series, we take the idea of the coach, the coachee, the coaching relationship, and tie it all together under the context of the coaching process. What are the dynamics at play? How do we build a coaching strategy? What are the specific mechanics that must work to create a successful coaching relationship?