The Top 10 ROI Podcast Episodes of 2020

The year 2020 is almost over. For many, this is cause for celebration, as this year has brought hardship, pain, and despair - just to put it lightly. However, this year has also shown us when we come together and work as a team, we can overcome any obstacle. As we continue working to help organizations make better business decisions, epscially those who are struggling, we are also working to share stories of overcoming hardship, stories of enduraning through the storms, and stories that offer actionable insights you can use.

Here are The ROI Podcast's Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2020:

#10: So you finally started your company, now what?

All the preparation that goes into starting a company can be both exciting and draining. We work so hard to get that company started we sometimes do not answer the "what's next" question once our enterprise is up and running. On this episode, we're sitting down with the former Host of The ROI Podcast and CEO of Crimson Media Shane Simmons who pulls back the curtain of his newly established organization to offer insights on planning for the future.

#9: How to drive superior results by serving others

Embracing a mindset of serving others before ourselves seems easy on paper, yet those who try often learn that embracing these principles is no easy task. When we work toward listening before speaking, meeting our team where they are at, and constantly looking for who we should serve, the results speak for themselves. On this episode, Bachelder shares the importance of embracing a leadership style focused on uplifting those around us before we lift up ourselves.

#8: How to find an emotionally rewarding career

It seems so easy to get discouraged trying to find that "dream job" - especially when we expect that job instantly. In Silicon Valley, for example, the average turnover is 12 months. So how do we find a career that is not simply financially rewarding, but emotionally rewarding as well? On this episode, we're sitting down with Associate Dean and Co-host Phil Powell who shares his story on finding the job of your dreams.


#7: Part One: The skills you need to be an influential leader

There are many characteristics that describe a great leader - integrity, sound character, good communicator, the list goes on. But there is one trait that often stands above the rest - influential. One cannot become a great leader if one does not know how to influence others to follow. On this two-part series, we're unpacking how to become an influential leader with Kelley School Senior Lecturers in Business Communication and Professional Skills Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes, who specialize in executive coaching and organizational communication. We discuss the three qualities of influential leadership and explore the role trust plays in the equation.


#6: How to be OK with NOT settling

Do you feel anxious when trying to "settle" in one career path? You're not alone! As we see new generations take over the workplace, this trend becomes more common with each new hire. But what do we do as both organizational leaders and team members? On this episode, we're sitting down with the Founder of Norton Philanthropic Counsel Melanie Norton who shares from her own experience of learning to be ok with not settling.


#5: Part One: How to develop a winning strategy as the economy restarts

As many states begin opening their economies again, the slow crawl back to normality puts a major strain on all business owners. However, with the right mindset and winning strategy, your organization has an opportunity to become stronger than ever - even take the lead inside your industry - and we're going to show you how. On this first of a two-part series, we're sitting down with the former CEO of Cisco Systems and Author of "Connecting the Dots: Lessons for Leadership in a Startup World" John Chambers, MBA'75, to explore the foundational leadership principles in his book which are necessary to enter the re-opening economy stronger as an organization. Then in part two, we will explore how to create your own playbook so your business can come out on top a winner.

#4: Part One: How are brilliant careers made and unmade?

On this episode, Idalene "Idie" Kesner, dean of the Kelley School of Business and the Frank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic Management, and ROI Podcast host Matt Martella talk with Carter Cast, author of "The Right (and Wrong) Stuff: How Brilliant Careers are Made and Unmade." Cast is a professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and he sits down with us to explore how to get back on track after a derailment in your career.

#3: Part One: How to lead with confidence

We are back! Coming into the New Year, many of us strive to better our personal lives with new disciplines through new goals or resolutions. But what about our work lives? In this two-part series, we're sitting down with Co-Directors of the Kelley MBA Leadership Academy Ray Luther and Eric Johnson who are sharing practical tools any leader can start implementing this New Year to become better organizational leaders.

#2: How to embrace your unique leadership style

As we grow in leadership, there comes a time where we must embrace our unique style. And who better to talk to then the CEO of Sharper Image Lance Reese - a store dedicated to marketing some of the most unique novelty gifts found online. On this episode, Lance helps us understand the difference between a manager and a leader, as well as how he uses his unique leadership style to his advantage so we can too.

#1: Becoming the person you want to be: How to create behavior that lasts

In this week’s episode of the ROI Podcast, host Teresa Mackin and Kelley School of Business Dean and Frank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic Management Idalene “Idie” Kesner speak with Marshall Goldsmith, MBA’72, a Kelley alumnus and a leading executive coach and best-selling author. Goldsmith received the Kelley School of Business 2009 Distinguished Entrepreneur Award.