How one company turned mentoring into a business

Research has shown those who have mentors throughout their lives ultimately are more successful. Pulling from experiences in her own life, Alison Martin-Books created a business that matches mentors and mentees in a strategic way.

Show Notes: 0:01 A Bill Gates show opening. 0:15 An introduction to The ROI Podcast presented by the Kelley School of Business. 0:55 The episode’s topic will revolve around mentors and the importance it plays in a professional’s life. 01:24 A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology that found people who are mentored reported having more career success. 2:29 Alison Martin-Books, Founder and Chief Learning Officer for Diverse Talent Strategies is introduced. 2:40 A basic definition of what a mentor is. 4:40 Under the Talent Nexus model, mentors and mentees are strategically matched in a way that can increase the diversity in a given company. 5:25 Women who have a mentor are much more likely to break the glass ceiling. 7:05 Why mentor someone? 9:10 What you should look for in a mentor. 10:23 The closing credits for the podcast.

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