What E.W. Kelley taught us about life and business

E.W. (Ed) Kelley was one of the most successful and notable business leaders of his time. Known as the modern-day founder of Steak 'n Shake, Ed Kelley set the foundation for what it means to conduct one's self in life and business. In this episode of The ROI Podcast, Ed's friend and colleague, who's also a Kelley School of Business professor, Bob Grimm, discusses Kelley and what we can learn from him.

Show Notes: 0:20 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell introduce the episode of The ROI Podcast. 2:07 Our guest, Bob Grimm, was the vice president of human resources for Ed Kelley during their time together at Steak 'n Shake. 2:32 Bob says he learned early on that Ed Kelley loves to work, make progress and see results. 3:22 Ed Kelley was his toughest critic. When he would prepare for a performance appraisal, he would do a self-appraisal and he would put that into his top right desk drawer. He would not allow a superior to be more critical of him than he was on himself. 3:55 Ed had developed the idea of restless dissatisfaction. 5:30 Ed always held high standards for himself and his employees. 5:53 Ed emphasized enthusiasm and energy. 8:00 Shane and Phil share their final thoughts on the episode. 

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