Why do front line health care providers need business training?

Looking ahead toward the 2020 presidential race, we find a host of topics being brought to the conversation. One in particular is healthcare. How do we create affordable care, while maintaining a high level of excellence? Though we do not have the magical wand to fix this issue, here at Kelley, we are working hard to help train the front line health care professionals with the right skills to make better business decisions – ultimately saving us, the patients, money. Starting September 2019, the Kelley School of Business will launch its Graduate Certificate in Medical Management to equip non-physician health care professionals with the business acumen to change the healthcare industry. On this episode, we’re sitting down with the Chief Operating Officer of IU Health, Michelle Janney who’s sharing her journey of leadership from front line nurse to C-level suite and why it’s important for our health care providers to also possess some business training.


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