All Staff Spotlights

As assistant director in Kelley Indianapolis Career Services for the past two and a half years, Enjoli (pronounced “AWN-juh-lee”) Brown-Hampton spends a lot of time in the classroom coordinating career development courses BUS X220 and X320. She’s a teacher at heart, a mom of three and she’s named after a jingle you might remember.

As an assistant director in Kelley Indy Career Services, Sherry Zike specializes in counseling students with practical career advice. After having her own careers in accounting, teaching and managing a rock band, Sherry has a variety of advice to offer.

As the support specialist for External Affairs since May 2017, Megan Lizarme (pronounced “Lih-ZAR-mee”) keeps everyone organized and on track. Learn more about Megan and the crafty skill she’s been practicing since she was four years old.

As the associate director for marketing and communications, Brenda Bishop spends her time telling Kelley stories to attract future students. But she has also taken on a new role: helping to create those stories within the classroom.

As an administrative specialist in the Office of Fiscal Affairs at Kelley (as well as assistant to Associate Dean Phil Powell) Tanisha Storey knows all about the financials that make Kelley work. 

As the associate director of academic services, Jane McDonald develops and maintains the schedule of classes. It’s a job that has her living one year in the future. So how well do you know Jane? Pop quiz: who are her teammates?

As the faculty offices coordinator, Diane Wetzold helps keep the hive of the 4th floor buzzing. Learn more about the new grandmother and what brought her to Indy from Queens, NY 20 years ago.

As the assistant director of internships at Kelley Indianapolis Career Services, Colleen Rusnak helps students find the career that’s right for them. In her free time, she’s a daredevil on the slopes.

As director of the Graduate Accounting Programs, Susan Cauble leads the strategy for recruitment into Kelley Indy’s taxation and accounting master’s degree programs. She knows the program personally, having graduated from it herself. Learn more about Susan and the big milestone she has coming up this month.

One of the newer staff members at Kelley Indy, Justin Eitniear is the student services coordinator. Learn how the 2016 IUPUI alum is developing a passion for higher ed, and learn- once and for all - how to pronounce his last name.