Q: You’ve been at Kelley since May 2017 but you’ve been at IUPUI three years longer. What other roles have you had at the school?

Megan: I was an administrative assistant in the School of Liberal Arts for four years, specifically, the Institute for American Thought, which includes five additional "sub-departments.” Actually, my office was in the basement of the School of Education – right across the way from External Affairs. I wore many hats, including recorder, work-study student supervisor and serving as point person for the office.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

Megan: I love online shopping and am constantly researching and buying skincare and beauty products, mostly from East Asia. My family is from Taiwan, so it makes sense to purchase certain products from Asia since they suit my features better. My husband Steven and I also have a cat named Buyo (pronounced "boo-yo") who’s the cutest little thing, I'm always carrying her around the house. I also enjoy crafting and have been sewing by hand since I was four years old. In my down time, I am usually playing puzzle games like Candy Crush on my iPad while listening to music.

Q: That’s a lot of sewing. Any special projects you’ve sewn all these years?

Megan: I like a lot of cute and trademarked characters - a popular example would be Hello Kitty. Because these characters are often costly to purchase, I often recreate them by making stuffed animals out of socks and felt. Aside from sewing, I also DIY just about all the decorations for my wedding 2 ½ years ago. Folding over 1,000 origami stars is something I’m never doing again!

Q: You spend your days keeping Kelley organized – are you super organized in your personal life?

Megan: Yes and no - I would say I have a system of "organized clutter" at my house. On the surface, everything looks clean and organized, but if you pull open certain drawers, it's total chaos. Another organizational fault of mine is that I am a creature of habit. If I misplace something, it’s very difficult find, even if it's shifted just a few inches away.

Megan and her cat, Buyo.