Q: What lessons do you most want to share with your students?

Sherry: My career philosophy is unique because my own has been so varied, and it’s different for every person. I don’t think career is just your job- it’s how your whole life fits together. I help students think about that when they’re making decisions. At age 19, you may not be sure where you’re headed or what makes you happy. My first job right out of college was as an accountant and I was miserable because it wasn’t right for me. I think it’s important that students don’t get into that position from the start because it’s a path that can be difficult to recover from. I try to help them understand who they are and what kind of work environment best suits them.

Q: What did you do before you joined Kelley?

Sherry: I’ve done a lot of different things. Immediately prior to coming to Kelley I was the manager for a local alternative rock band. My daughter was the drummer my son played clarinet. I booked gigs for them all over Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kentucky, Cincinnati and a lot of different places. I did the advertising, arranged the album and managed the money. It was a lot of fun. I loved it. I did that for five years and really enjoyed the satisfaction they received from it. Plus, it was an opportunity to spend time with my kids in their early college years.

Q: You also worked as an elementary school teacher’s aide for seven years – why did you switch to working with older kids?

Sherry: Older children have a lot of promise and the capacity to shape their future. Sometimes all they need is somebody to believe in them and help them validate what they’re feeling, and help them make decisions based on that. 

When she's not at work, Sherry enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren, seen here having fun at an orchard.