Q: You seem to work with money a lot. Were you always the banker when you played Monopoly?

Tanisha: Actually, I never was! That was always my sister’s job. She liked to be in control of the money, which I didn’t mind because I always ended up mixing it up or dropping it everywhere.

Q: Why do you enjoy banking and finance?

Tanisha: It’s challenging for me. Numbers and math have always been a challenge for me so being successful at this job has been a great accomplishment. Every day, I gain new skills. I never thought I’d work with money or finance, so it’s really surprising to me that I not only ended up working in finance but that I really enjoy it, too. 

Q: How do you spend your time outside of Kelley?

Tanisha: My husband, James, and I enjoy taking walks and going fishing. We also have a cat, Otis, which we spoil to death. 

Q: You had a big milestone earlier this year - what happened?

Tanisha: My husband, James, and I got married May 20. We were wed in my hometown of Bloomington and it was just perfect -- A dream come true!

Tanisha and her husband, James, on their wedding day back in May.