Kelley School delivers business advice through podcast

The Kelley School of Business released a series of podcasts available for free subscription titled “The ROI Podcast,” aimed at solving challenges in the business community.

Recorded on the IUPUI campus, The ROI Podcast is hosted by Associate Dean of Academic Programs Phil Powell, and Kelley staff member Shane Simmons. The episodes are 8 to 12 minutes in length, are released once per week and discuss daily issues and topics business professionals encounter while providing efficient resolutions based on faculty research.

The solutions are typically two to three actionable insights that professionals can immediately apply.

The ROI Podcast provides actionable insight to the business community.

ROI in the business world means return on investment. Those who listen to the podcast are investing their time with the Kelley School, so we need to provide value that they can immediately apply into their daily lives.

Phil Powell, Associate Dean of Academic Programs at the Kelley School of Business on the IUPUI Campus