Could shopping for healthcare be like shopping for groceries?

Do you believe you should have the ability to shop for your healthcare like you shop for groceries? Do you know what healthcare plan is best for you and your family? Deb Gordon, a senior fellow at Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School, shares her research on how consumer-based healthcare and the impact it could have on you.

Show Notes: 0:35 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell introduce The ROI Podcast. 1:00 Today’s episode will be discussing healthcare in the United States. 1:23 Physicians drive 80 percent of the resource allocations decisions in healthcare. 1:49 Healthcare represents 20 percent of the U.S. economy. 2:10 Deb Gordon joins the podcast. Her research focuses on consumer behavior in the healthcare marketplace. 3:47 Deb uses the analogy of shopping for groceries when relating it to consumer-driven healthcare. 4:44 Healthcare consumers are already beginning to ask about pricing and shopping around. 5:53 Deb believes physicians play a more important role now with the changing dynamic of healthcare. 7:00 Deb’s research shows clinicians are typically not trained to consider the cost for the patient, but rather just focus on treatment. 8:17 Deb believes the market will win out, and healthcare will evolve to the consumer.

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