COVID-19 resources to help your business

The COVID-19 virus not only threatens our health but our businesses. So many industries are working to prevent a grinding halt as our health care professionals and government officials work to find answers and help those who are sick. In the meantime, we want to help however we can, as a podcast.

Our show's mission is to help organizations make better business decisions. With a massive economic shutdown impacting our organizations, we have put together our most relevant podcasts to help your organization weather the financial storm.

How to keep your cyber systems safe during this pandemic

Phishing emails, scam donation requests, and a myriad of other schemes have intensified as many organizations operate from home. On this episode, we want to make sure you stay safe and feel confident when conducting business transactions from your couch. That's why we're sitting down with Kelley School of Business Professor of Business Law and Ethics and Cybersecurity Program Chair Scott Shackelford along with Professor of Information Systems Nolan Taylor to discuss what you and your team can do to stay safe at home.

How to rethink your business model to keep your organization afloat

Organizations all around the globe are changing their business models in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strain of this unexpected economic slowdown on all organizations, especially small businesses, proves to be very difficult. So how can these companies weather the storm and keep their organization afloat? On this episode, we're sitting down with Kelley Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Todd Saxton, alongside Kelley Professor of Marketing Kim Saxton, who regularly work with the entrepreneurship, startup and small business community, to get their recommendations for what small businesses can do, right now.

How city officials are encouraging industry leaders during a pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to challenge the economy and public safety while industry leaders and government officials embrace innovative ideas for assistance. So as organizational leaders, what can we do to help our team, and ourselves, so we can make the best business decisions possible - with little to no clear trajectory? On this episode, we are virtually sitting down with the Deputy Mayor of Economic Development for Indianapolis Angela Smith who shares her tips on how we can lead ourselves and our teams through troubling times.

How to handle an economic crisis

As we know, the financial collapse of 2008 made history; becoming one of the worst recessions of all time. This economic crisis destroyed business of all sizes while creating fear amongst employees around the globe. Yet, for CEOs like Jeff Fettig, this financial fallout would prove to be a hard-fought victory. On this episode, we’re sitting down with the former CEO of Whirlpool, Jeff Fettig – a Kelley School of Business alum who helped lead his company through one of the worst financial collapses of all time.

How can we adapt to the "working remotely" trend? released an article in December of 2018 that states, "Remote work is no longer a privilege. It’s becoming the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population." A staggering trend that’s continuing to grow. With organizations adapting to or fighting against this movement – the question is, how do we address it? On this episode, we’re sitting down with the founder of VMS BioMarketing and the Executive in Residence for the Tobias Leadership Center Neal Rothermel, who shares how his company makes working remotely, successful.

How to lead your team through disruptive life events

When one of our team members have a terminally ill family member, walk through divorce, or receive news of a loved one passing away, we may struggle to find the words or offer support in the workplace. However, these are the realities of leadership. On this episode, we're sitting down with the Founder of Handle with Care HR Solutions Liesel Mertes, who specializes in helping business leaders deal with these disruptive life events with empathy. We are going to explore her own personal journey of loss and offer tips on how to handle emotionally tough times our team will experience in their personal lives.


How to create better workflow efficiencies inside your organization

Creating effective workflow procedures inside an organization helps save future time, money, and headaches. In order to accomplish such efficiencies, organizational leaders must recognize their blind spots inside their company. Whether that be the process of on-boarding a new customer, reorganizing internal systems to save time, or explore cash movement, managers need to recognize how to better streamline business practices to protect the company culture, increase revenue, and take your organization to the next level. On this episode we're sitting down with one of Kelley's Management Professors Kendra Reed and exploring her recent publication based on the book Zap the Gaps! by Ken Blanchard.


Why listening makes you a better leader

The term "Fake News" fills the airwaves, online articles, and social media outlets. With culture divided on where to find reliable information, who is really right? How do we sift through all the noise, especially inside our organizations, so we can make better business decisions? On this episode, we're talking with the Creator and Host of Inside INdiana Business Gerry Dick about why listening holds the answer to finding the truth. We will unpack some of his journalism knowledge and equip you to become a better leader for your organization.