Increase your sales today using these breakthrough techniques

Do you want to increase your sales? In the information age, selling techniques need to evolve with the times. In this episode of The ROI Podcast, Shane and Phil speak with Phil Gerbyshak, Chief Digital Officer at Vengreso about providing value first to customers, and transforming the way many of us were taught about selling.

Show Notes: 0:01 New ways of buying means you need new ways of selling. 0:18 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell welcome listeners back to The ROI Podcast. 1:14 When you think of sales, what comes to mind? 1:40 In Episode 21 of The ROI Podcast, you’re going to learn what it takes to become a sales master in the digital age, and how to use LinkedIn as one of your biggest assets. 1:53 Phil introduces Phil Gerbyshak, Chief Digital Officer of Vengreso, a digital sales transformation company based in Tampa, Florida. 2:03 Ten years ago it was all about the numbers. It was a numbers game. 2:32 Statistics show us that customers need more information today to make a decision. 3:23 Tip number 1 to increasing your sales: you can’t wait until the end for that big revealing feature of your product or service. 3:59 Sales today are more story focused. 5:05 You can’t just post your achievements on your LinkedIn profile, you need to connect those achievements to your customer displaying how those achievements can translate into value for them and their problem. 5:28 Use video whenever possible. 6:30 Value is king. 6:50 Your goal is not to sell product, your goal is to educate people and help them making a buying decision. 7:08 Marketing and sales must work together in an organization. 8:17 Who is my ideal customer? How do I serve them? What problems do they have? 8:28 The final tip: Don’t try to be the jack of all trades. 8:50 You don’t need to be everywhere, you need to be where your customers are. 11:00 Be sure to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes for The ROI Podcast.

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