Ultimate time management hacks with Laura Vanderkam

Why are some people ultra successful and live a life most only dream of, while others seem to be caught in a rat race? On this episode of The ROI Podcast presented by The Kelley School of Business, time-management author Laura Vanderkam shares her findings after interviewing some of the most successful people in the world who've mastered the art of managing their schedules.

Show Notes: 0:01 The ROI Podcast opens with a soundbite from the Twilight Zone. 0:23 Shane Simmons and Phil Powell introduce Episode 22 of The ROI Podcast. 1:07 According to research released by Salary.com, the average office worker admits to wasting 1.7 hours per day. 2:06 Laura Vanderkam joins the podcast. 3:00 Laura says people need to define a small amount of tasks people want to achieve and work towards those which fit into the bigger picture. 3:52 It's ok to have distractions, but you need to work that into your schedule. 4:45 Laura explains how some of the most successful time managers try to avoid being bogged down with meetings. 5:37 Tip number one to better time management: conduct a time audit. 6:22 Use an Excel spreadsheet to track your time. 7:00 Learn to manage your email and not be encompassed by it. 8:21 You don't have to work around the clock to have a career breakthrough. 10:57 Subscribe and leave a review for The ROI Podcast on iTunes.

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